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Gaming Justice: The Decentralization of Dispute Resolution

9 January 2022 Introduction Times have changed. This is particularly true in the area of global trade. Technology has advanced, borders are blurred, and a culture of consumerism pervades. In 2020 alone, 82% of Canadians shopped online spending a total of $84.4 billion.[1] It is estimated that 3 – 5% of all transactions made over […]

A Right to Housing in a Pandemic and Beyond: An Ontario Perspective

22 December 2021 “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest”.[1] The Site in Brief: An Introduction March 17, 2020 is a day that will be forever imprinted on experience. A global pandemic was raging and a state of emergency “on the basis that COVID-19 constitutes a danger of major proportions […]

Jury Nullification: The Unicorn in the Justice System

13 October 2021  Introduction Unicorns as mystical creatures symbolize grace and healing. Although never actually seen, the fantasy of this white horse-like creature endures. Jury nullification is the unicorn of the justice system: obscure, undeniable, and magical. Nullification describes the phenomenon where a jury acquits an accused in the face of seemingly uncontroversial evidence of […]

Copyright Law: A Symphony for Change

1 July 2021 Introduction Prelude: en pointe 1st Movement: Allegro – Copyright Law: A Quick Overview 2nd Movement: Minuet – Music is Distinct Music Heals Music Defines Music Pervades Music Borrows & Merges 3rd Movement: Scherzo & Trio – The Justification Joke Labour Authorship Public Interest 4th Movement: March –Music as Unique Experience Coda: Conclusion Bibliography Legislation Jurisprudence Secondary Materials  “Music is all around us, […]

Corporate Indigenization: Pimaatisiwin in Practice

27 May 2021 Acknowledgment  In recognizing that “all knowledge is positioned”,[1] I acknowledge that as I compose this offering, I am situated on land that is the traditional home of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Neutral People, I fully acknowledge that I am not Aboriginal nor do I claim to have any special knowledge or understanding of the Aboriginal […]

Legal Strategy for Subsidiary Acquisition

03 March 2021 Introduction Mining offers many benefits. It also produces many detriments. Responsible business conduct (RBC) is key to adding value for commercial stakeholders, individual stakeholders, and global stakeholders. RBC refers to a standard for Canadian companies doing business abroad to conduct their operations in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner by respecting […]

Boys Will be Boys

26 June 2020 Context: The Can Bird v. The Town of Fort Frances[1] is about a boy being a boy.  Bird, a boy of twelve while playing in the back of a pool-room on private property, made a fortuitous discovery. Although it is not clear how he found himself underneath the building and even though the […]

Democracy: A Deafening Guarantee

8 June 2020 Only through the topsy-turvy exercise of judicial amendment was the majority able to connect the issue of freedom of expression to buildings, apply noise as nuisance to public space, and write-off an overbroad limitation on a fundamental tool of democracy as an act of deference in Montréal (City) v. 2952-1366 Québec Inc.[1] After a […]

Financial Literacy Individual Case Study: Loblaw Companies Limited

8 June 2020 Loblaw Companies Limited is a publicly traded company in Canada. It is a retailer for grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty, apparel, general merchandise, financial services, and wireless mobile products and services. Their operations are divided between Retail and Financial Services and includes divisions of Market, Discount, PC Financial® services, Joe Fresh®, and Shoppers Drug Mart. […]

Bowman: The Door to Justice Left Open.

5 June 2020 “…from time to time … lawyers and judges have tried to define what constitutes fairness. Like defining an elephant, it is not easy to do, although fairness in practice has the elephantine quality of being easy to recognize”[1] Fairness, as a function of social invention, is malleable and responsive, its definition and […]